Saturday, 4 June 2011

How to keep on track when you have wandered off.

It is more than a week since I added a post to my blog. I promised myself, on a stack of my favourite books and dirty dishes that I could commit to a weekly post.
Unfortunately, that hasn't lasted long. While I could say that it is because I have been too busy reading everyone else's blogs (partly true), it really is because I went and found the household another cat. Actually, I found myself another cat. It was my idea and because everyone else was too polite to say "DON'T DO IT" and block the pet rescue page on the internet, I took that as an assumption that it was a fabulous idea for everyone.

Everything was great for the first hour after Sweetie, a 7 year old pure bred Korat moved in. She checked out the lodgings and promptly went to sleep on our bed. Things deteriorated rapidly after that. By the time everyone else arrived home, she had taken up residence in the wardrobe and was hissing loudly as soon as anyone walked into the room.

I was quite content to let her stay there until she felt ready to come out but after a while John politely said, "There's a smell coming from the wardrobe. I think we had better get her out." Poop (literally.) We had to do something.

Now we have:
(1) a traumatised cat
(2) a very sore hand where the teeth went through the gardening gloves
(3) an upset stomach from the antibiotics to counteract the infection in the hand
(4) a very upset siamese cat called Su-nee

I forgot to mention that we already had a cat. It really is her house. She tells us what to do and we usually do it. Except I didn't ask her permission to get another cat.

Perhaps I should have?



  1. Yes, perhaps you should have asked permission first, the answer would have been "NO!", then no one would have gotten bitten. lol

    All joking aside, cat bites are very dangerous because they "puncture" like a snake and don't ""pull and shred" like a dog". A puncture is much, much worse.

    PLEASE, PLEASE be sure to finish ALL the antibiotics, even if you think your wound looks and feels bettter. This is how superbugs become "immune" to antibiotics, by people not taking the FULL dose. So go get that glass of water and start swallowing!!!

    Your friend,
    (Book BagLady)

  2. Now, my second note to you is to lecture you!!! Yep, L-E-C-T-U-R-E!!! What happened to writing ONE posting per week? Here I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and nothing materializes, and why? You don't make the time to do it. And why SHOULD you MAKE THE TIME? Because you're a GREAT WRITER!!! Honestly, I enjoyed the story of the cat so much. If you don't want to write book reviews, then don't, your blog is exactly what you want YOUR blog to be and you can make it anything you want. Tell a funny story that happened to you each week; tell something interesting from your local newspaper, tell something crazy about what you and some friends/co-workers did, write a series of questions about yourself and answer them. Question #1: Why do I procrastinate? In other words, why did I say I'd try to make one blog posting a week and didn't. What you have to say IS important.

    So come on, grab a pen and start jotting some things down...we're waiting!

    Your friend,
    (Book BagLady)
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Louise
    I hear you and I take the point.
    My resolve it back. Anne

  4. I have many cats and always have and I wish I could have told you, never bring a full grown female cat into a house with another female cat! You could introduce a kitten or a male but 2 adult females will disagree over territory much more. Now that it is done, however, please give the new cat just one room to live in for several weeks so both cats will have the smell introduced without the screaming matches. And you have a Siamese, oops, Siamese cats are extremely emotional- my family had only Siamese cats for my whole childhood, so I know their temperament. On the other hand, bless you for adopting an adult cat!! I got most of my cats as adults and they are so grateful for the chance to love again. Good luck here! Rae

  5. Thank you to everyone who has replied, advised and chuckled at my trials.
    Life in the household has returned to a mostly harmonious state. There is the occassional hiss of abuse from Sweetie, the newbit, but injuries seem to be avoidable.
    I am still pleased that we took her in. Every girl deserves a loving home.