Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Confessions of a telephone book reader.

Yesterday I received a looper that I ordered on my son's behalf from America. For the non-guitarists amongst us, it is a gadget that joins an electric guitar to the amplifier that allows you to do weird things such as reverberation, loop small phrases so that you can overlay something on top and generally make the music much more interesting.

I am all very happy about this looper. My son has done all the research and we were confident that his purchase was sound. HOWEVER, what I hadn't counted on was the 500 page free catalogue that also arrived in the box. I can foresee endless hours with his nose in this catalogue, numerous google searches and complex discussions around the dinner table about the merits of a certain electrically driven piece of instrument that he plans to purchase next. Most of these discussions I don't understand but I think he has realized this now.

This has all brought back memories of reading telephone books. When I was a child, and not such a child, I could spend hours reading telephone books. They are facinating.
The white pages with residential listings contain millions of names and addresses. I would look for the really unusual ones that I couldn't pronounce and then try and guess if the total number of entries for that surname belonged to the one family.
The yellow pages with the business listings were great too but didn't facinate me quite as much. I was interested in everyday people just like me, where they lived and tried to imagine what they did every day.

Is there anyone else out there with a facination for telephone books?


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