Wednesday, 11 May 2011

For the love of bookmarks.

When people ask me why I have a love of bookmarks, they usually have a fairly sceptical look on their face. Maybe they wish they hadn't actually asked the question but alas, for them it is too late.

I am not very keen on the practice of turning over the corner of the page to make your place. In fact, I think it is deplorable and is defacing the book. Most of the books that I read are from the local council library and there is nothing I like more than getting lost there for a few hours.

However! There is nothing as special as opening the cover on a brand new book from the bookshop or just unwrapped as a loving gift. For me, that book will be treated with great care so that the next reader can have that "opened for the first time" feeling.

Hence my love of bookmarks. In my time, I have used just about anything - tissues, knitting needles, old envelopes, bills that could have just magically disappeared into the pages of the book. Maybe? I hve tried it but it has never happened.

My range of bookmarks is expanding and I am excited by the interested. The most popular are my butterflies, that  hover above the book. They are very pretty.

Next in the line of favourites are the "Hello Kittys." They are so cute and quite delicate and popular amongst young girls.

My latest arrival are the "Happy Men." They are just a little bit cheeky. What do you think?

My range is growing daily. Check it out on


  1. I am also a lover of bookmarks. I have them all over the house and can never find one when I need it - so I buy more!

  2. I love, love, love book marks too! And particularly nice notebooks. :-)

  3. Wonderful story. I am addicted to bookmarks AND stationary. I am a new follower. I would love a follow over on my blog when you have a moment. I just posted a new review yesterday. Thanks. Donna

  4. I love bookmarks too! The butterfly ones are beautiful!

    I popped over from bookblogs, nice to meet another Aussie blogger!


  5. Your post got me thinking about why I enclose a MarchHouseBooks 'rabbit' book mark with every book I sell. In the beginning it was a way of ‘advertising’ my website but its not about that any more now its because I get so many people telling me they love the book marks and have added them to their collection. It costs quite a bit to get them printed (especial when I had pop-up ones) but it’s certainly worth the effort. The latest ones have a cut-out rabbit but it will soon be time for a change so will need to get my thinking cap on. I love your butterfly ones by the way.

  6. I don't like folding the pages of books either... bookmarks are the way to go! I love the "Happy men" bookmarks, they are so naughty! *giggling* =)

    My mom is a lunch lady at her local elementary school and she often volunteers at their annual school book fairs. Every volunteer gets some free bookmarks and a free book. Although I am 25 and married, my mom STILL gets bookmarks for ME (and her grandkids) every time there's a book fair! =)