Friday, 6 May 2011

Can you ever have too many books?

We have just spent a lovely weekend away. Your whole outlook changes when you have the chance to take some time out together to enjoy the weather, eat, sleep and read.
Inevitably, I came home with more books. I picked up some unusual and interesting books. My intent was to sell them on ebay as it is a way to justify my need to collect stray books and surround myself with reading material.  
Of course, none of them have been listed on ebay but I promise they will be today. I will just have a flick through them first.....
Check out my ebay store to find them:


  1. I don't think you can EVER have too many books! Of course, I keep having to buy bookshelves to hold them. And will inevitably have to buy a new house to hold the new bookshelves. But whatever - it's all about the books! I will check out your eBay list - after all, there may be something there that I can't live without either... :)

  2. I have already told my husband when we move into a bigger place, I will make one area of the house my home library... it will have shelves and shelves of all my books and a little seating area where I could relax and read. Ideally... I love Belle's library from beauty and the beast, but it doesn't seem practical LOL.

  3. Jill Elizabeth and Princess Pearl
    Although I buy a lot of secondhand books to sell on ebay, I am not disappointed when they don't sell quickly. I like having them around. A bit like old friends and quite often I get the chance to read most of them.